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Shipping Your Car to Alaska

ShippingYourCarMoving to Alaska is a very big decision, and buying a new car once you get there will only complicate the process. Odds are, you’ll want to bring your current car along for the ride. There are two options when it comes to Alaska vehicle transport: hiring an auto transporter or driving it there. No matter which option you choose, you can use the following tips to ensure that your car gets there safely.


The Pros of Alaska Auto Shipping

  • Ease of use: A move can be stressful, and having your car waiting for you when you arrive can simplify the entire process.
  • Cost: Although Delaware to Alaska auto transport requires an initial investment, it’s cheaper than driving there and paying for repairs.
  • Vehicle preservation: By shipping your car to Alaska, you’ll avoid putting significant mileage on it—or risking a breakdown in an isolated area.


Cons of Vehicle Shipping

Trust: Many people are reluctant to hand their vehicles over to a stranger. Thankfully, the majority of shippers are trustworthy and will treat your vehicle like it’s their own.

Less space: A shipper typically requires you to completely empty the car before shipping, meaning that you have less space to move your personal possessions.


Getting Ready For Shipping

Because the shipper won’t let you move things inside the vehicle, you’ll need to clean it out before they arrive. It’s also a good idea to wash the car, so it’ll be simpler to point out scratches upon arrival. When washing the car, you should note any damage, and take photos to back up a potential claim. If the vehicle is equipped with an alarm, it should be disconnected beforehand, and the gas tank should be no more than one-quarter full.


What You Should Expect

You can choose door-to-door delivery and eliminate all the hassles that come with vehicle shipping, or you can cut costs by driving to a shipping terminal. Before shipping, get multiple price quotes and inquire about hidden fees to avoid surprises. You’ll need to provide copies of documents such as your ID, vehicle title and registration.


Driving There

Driving from Delaware to Alaska will definitely be an adventure, and you can turn it into a memorable family trip by stopping at roadside attractions. You’ll have control over departure and vehicle handling, but that can cause problems for some people. If you drive up there yourself, you can bring some of your possessions along for the ride.

There are also disadvantages to consider. There’s always the potential for a mechanical failure, and repairs can be costly. In many cases, once travel expenses are factored in, it’s cheaper to ship a vehicle to Alaska than it is to drive it yourself.