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The benefits of injection technology on motorcycle system

a22223334Injection is a technology used in combustion engines for mixing fuel with air before burning. The use of fuel injection will increase the engine power when compared with the use of a carburetor, because the fuel injector makes homogeneously mixed. This makes fuel injectors can control the mixing of fuel and air that is more appropriate, both in proportion and uniformity.
Fuel injection can be mechanical, electronic, or a mixture of both. Modern electronic system uses many sensors to monitor the condition of the engine, and an electronic control unit calculates the amount of fuel required. Therefore, the fuel injection can improve fuel efficiency and reduce pollution, and also provide more power output.
Below are the benefits of injection system:
1. The fuel usage is more efficient when compared to the carburetor. This is due to mixing of air and fuel that is always happening accurately because it has been regulated by the sensor so that the use of fuel can be saved.
2. Caring motorcycle becomes easier when using injection system. Simply by spraying, called the “injection cleaner” and with this direct injection, caring process can be reused without having to go through a process of dismantling as on a motorcycle that uses a carburetor.
3. Motorcycle with injection system will be more environmentally friendly, because combustion process would produce lower emission to the air. Injection system has been recommended by many environmental experts due to the increasing of air pollution.
4. Motorcycle with injection system does not take long time in routine checks. Only by cleaning the air filter, spark plugs, and valves, then motorcycles with injection system can be directly reused.
5. The motorcycle engine could be turned on by the injection system without being affected by weather conditions. Motorcycle injection system has a temperature regulation contained in its engine sensor.