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2014 Honda CB650F and CBR650F Showcased

At this year’s EICMA, Honda have unveiled their latest generation CB650F and CBR650F motorbikes, which mark a return for the Japanese bike manufacturers one-platform-multiple-models language – this language has helped the company to shift one heck of a lot of CB500 bikes, and it is expected to help here too.


The CBR sport bike is perhaps the most interesting of the two. This bike is clearly aimed at a younger crowd with a very modern design. It features a 649cc inline-four engine that has a handy forward tilt of 30 degrees, giving the bike excellent weight distribution. With a 67mm x 46mm bore and stroke, this bike is designed for serious business, with the 16-valve engine built not just for speed but also fuel economy – it’ll rev to 11,000 rpm and return a claimed 47.2 mpg.

Not bad for a bike that aims to be so sporty.

Peak torque of 46.5 lb /ft arrives on the bike at 8,000 rpm, which is quite low in the rev range for a bike of this type. That peak torque allows you to cruise in a higher gear (although, that would be rather boring) and ride the wave, as it were.


In contrast to the CBR we have the CB650F,  naked bike that’s really rather beautiful. It uses the same engine as the CBR50F, and benefits from 2-channel ABS – 240mm rear discs and 320mm front discs will ensure adequate stopping power when needed. Whereas the CBR features good weather protection from the body panels, the CB is naked, and so weather protection is minimal – as such, this is a bike best kept for a sunny day.Grantham Honda’s Motorcycles UK will have the CB650F in stock when it becomes available, so if you want to judge for yourself how well protected it is, you’ll be able to pop down and take a look.

The key difference between the CB and CBR, other than their design, is rider position – the CB features a higher riding position, whereas the CBR is more leaned forward. This bike is inspired by its elder sibling the CB1000R, and it is rather aggressive in its design.

Both bikes produce 85.8 bhp and 46.5 lb /ft of torque.


All in all, Honda have showcased two rather beautiful bikes at EICMA 2013. The CB650F is beautiful and the CBR650F is very sporty indeed. Both share the same engine, and as such, your choice will come down to whether you want a naked bike or a sport bike, and which riding position you prefer. For me, the CB is the  betterbike of the two, but that’s only because I’m an old man (ha!).