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Why The Mustang Is The Best American Muscle Car

download (1)Sincerely, there are a lot of factors why the Ford mustang is not just the common American muscle car but also the best muscle car. When people speak American muscle, the mustang is always described, why? Well here goes:

1. History

When the first mustang, the 1964 ½ design, was introduced to the market, the sales were off the charts. It was the first of it’s type. Plus, the mustang as we all (should) know by now was not really named after the breed of the horse but the fighter plane mustang in World War II. It has a very exclusive name that just clicks to you and in your mind it’s like this: American Muscle = Mustang.

2. Ahead of its time Always

I’ve never seen a car design where every version covers its forerunner and competitors by ten times aside from the Mustang. This is not just coincidence. The Ford Mustang has always provided advancement after advancement, pushing its boundaries, to provide us not just a good-looking muscle car but also an incredible drive. This is not an easy task to accomplish but the Ford mustang has always done it.

3. Superstar Status

The Ford mustang is no unfamiliar person to the spotlight especially when it comes to films. From Need For Speed to Bullit, the Mustang has always shown its expertise on the big screen. But it does not stop there; the Ford mustang has also showed up in TV shows like the Knight rider in 2005 and the new flash TV show. It’s not just chance they selected out a Ford mustang, it’s because it was a mustang that’s why they selected it.

4. Rarity

If you collect vehicles then you would know that it’s difficult to get them all. There were a lot of special edition Mustangs that were created but in very limited amounts. The most preferred would be the original 1964 ½ design, the first mustang design created.

Making a Side by Side Your Own

Exterior CustomizationIf you own a side by side, you know the thrill of exploring new areas and tackling rough terrain on your vehicle. You spend hours on your side by side, so you want to make sure that it reflects your style and personality. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can customize your side by side to make it a one of a kind creation that is truly your own.

Exterior Customizations
When someone sees your side by side, the outside of your vehicle is the first thing they notice. Whether you’re trying to customize your vehicle to win more races or simply reflect your personality, you can choose from a variety of exterior customization options. Suspension and lift kits are popular among riders who enjoy riding higher up from the ground. When your vehicle is lifted, you can avoid some of the impact of rough terrain and enjoy maximum clearance. Side by side riders love adventuring in all kinds of weather. If you’re tired of freezing during winter rides, consider adding a weather protection system, heater or hard cabin enclosure.

Interior Customizations
The interior of your side by side is where you spend your riding time, so you want to make it as comfortable and attractive as possible. In addition, it’s vital to make sure that you have the highest level of safety when operating your side by side. Adding new high back seats to your side by side is a great way to increase your comfort level and back support. If you are really looking to make a statement, purchase seats in custom colors. In addition installing high quality UTV harnesses and harness bars can keep you safe and secure even on the roughest terrain.

Finding the Right Item
When you’re searching for new items for your side by side, don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. If you’re shopping at a quality store, the employees should be knowledgeable about the different products available and happy to assist you. If you aren’t able to find the accessories and parts you’ve been dreaming of in your local area, try shopping online. Specialized retailers such as allow you to browse through products for many of today’s most popular side by side models, and it’s easy to compare different products and prices when you are shopping online.

You already love the time you spend on your side by side, and you’ll enjoy it even more when your vehicle is customized to reflect your personal style.

Car Safety Myths Revealed

images (11)Thinking of car safety, it’s crucial to know all the important points, especially when you’re considering buying a new or used car. We look at some of the age old concerns about automobile safety and offer the specified solutions once and for all!

No.1 – Older automobiles are larger and bulkier, so they must be more secure.

A traditional belief – FALSE! Actually accident research display older automobiles are NOT as secure on regular as more recent automobiles, as they have less precautionary functions and a less innovative style. They often think about less than their contemporary alternatives too, as safety devices and more powerful components, as well as factors like bulkier transmissions, all add to the weight of new, more contemporary automobiles.

No.2 – The more secure an automobile is – the more costly it is.

We would have to say this one is FALSE – Actually many reasonably priced automobile designs ranks very well in the safety ratings; sometimes even better than many of the more costly designs. Be sure to examine out the SGIO “Car inspector app” for the newest safety scores before you buy any new automobile. Available on the app store or Play store.

No.3 – Air bags can stimulate unintentionally and cause accidents or damage.

FALSE – well, in Australia anyway! There have been occurrences in the USA, but because Australia has very great car seat belt conformity rates, airbags in Australian vehicles are set to induce at greater street speeds than in US automobiles, as such they are significantly less likely to deploy without purpose. There have been NO revealed situations in Australia of any significant accidents or accidents due to bolstering airbags.

No.4 – Dogs are more secure in a pet harness when traveling in the car.

Yes, no question this is TRUE – as long as you have the appropriate harness fixed. In an accident, an unrestrained dog can experience serious accidents, as well as harm other travelers. A study performed by one of Australia’s major insurance policy providers examined a wide range of dog protection harness using life-sized and properly calculated dog ‘dummies’.

Used Car For Sale Across The Country

images (68)The automotive market is full of big manufacturers and even larger companies. These organizations are regularly improving and manufacturing more recent, more innovative designs each and every year. In such an aggressive market, it’s hard to keep up with the competitors, let alone with the new styles in auto production. In modern economy, auto manufacturers are also attempting to generate fuel-efficient automobiles to help fight high fuel costs, along with an trending pattern in being Eco-friendly.

With all the new improvements in the automotive market, many people simply cannot manage to just go out and buy a new, state-of-the-art vehicle at the drop of a hat. In order to get around this problem and keep an effective vehicle parked in your drive way, there are a lot of used vehicles on the market in nearly every neighborhood. Many individuals and organizations choose a used vehicle because of their reduced price and insurance costs. These automobiles, in many situations, are just as effective as their more recent ones. Now, we all must be aware that some organizations are available which have used vehicles on the market and they’re not exactly in the best of form. If going the most cost-effective path is the only choice for you, make sure that you have the vehicle examined by a knowledgeable auto mechanic before completing your purchase or accepting to any agreement conditions. This way you can prevent buying a “lemon” which will price you more than buying a new vehicle in the long run. Used vehicles on the market can be attractive to both new drivers and mother and father of new motorists. As most seniors motorists may remember, buying or getting your first car is a thrilling experience. This means responsibility, freedom and fun, but in many situations the price range of a youngster isn’t able of covering the price of a new vehicle.

A Little Bit On Traffic Violator California School Program

Traffic violations are a common occurrence on-road, especially among the amateur drivers. Now, in case you are unfortunate one to violate the traffic, you would be handed with a ticket leading to conviction and marks on driving record. But, the god news is that the state do understands that drivers cannot be perfect every time & hence there is the traffic violator California school program that will help you get rid of the conviction.

Eligibility criteria for admission into traffic-violator school

  • If you are accused of some minor traffic violation or have received one point.
  • If you haven’t taken up a traffic-violator school course within last 18 months.

In case you satisfy the eligibility conditions, DMV would send notifications to you along with a roster of licensed traffic courses that can be taken to mask the ticket.

However, not every driver receiving traffic tickets can take traffic-violator school course to mask the ticket. You won’t be eligible if-

  • In case you are a licensed commercial driver & you were handed the ticket whilst driving commercial vehicle.
  • In case you’re convicted of DUI cases.
  • In case you’ve received speeding ticket for driving over 25MPH beyond the limit.
  • In case the point value of ticket is over 1 or/and your conviction demands court appearance.

The traffic violator course
The traffic violator course in California lasts for 8 hours. You are allowed to go for the conventional classroom based schools while there are the edgy online traffic schools as well. The course finalizes with an MCQ pattern exam with 25 questions. You have to earn minimum 70 percent of marks to pass in the examination. It’s good to take to the online schools rather than the land-based ones as here you have the great facility of taking the course from anywhere and anytime. There’s no need to tamper with your usual schedule to fit into the classroom hours. Moreover, the online schools enable you to progress at your own rhythm. As you pass, the school itself would email your certificate to DMV.

Licensed schools
Make sure to settle with state DMV approved licensed traffic-violator schools only as otherwise your certificate won’t carry any significance. If you are taking to an online school, check out beforehand that the courses are engaging enough and are compiled by professional CHP officers