Words of Wisdom: Driving Tips from Michael Schumacher

When it comes to getting driving lessons, it is hard to figure out who you should listen to. Everybody is quick to offer you advice and it is often contrarian in nature to tips you heard before. This can make it difficult to determine who is right and who is wrong. However, if you are looking for some great words of wisdom, you can hardly do better than a person who has won more Formula One championships than anyone else, Michael Schumacher.

1. Stay focused
This might sound like a cliché that you would hear from every person you ask, but mental focus is one of the things that helped Michael Schumacher become such a successful F1 driver. He sees driving as a mental exercise. You can only achieve what you put your mind to so, if you are not prepared mentally when you get behind the wheel, you will not do well.

2.Join a car resort
According to Schumacher, the only way to become a better driver is to drive. You can’t learn everything you need to know unless you actually get out there on a track in a car and go for it. His advice is to join a car resort so you can speed around tracks in fast, exotic cars, but the cost of this service is usually too much for the average person. An alternative would be to go to track days.

3.Know the limits
This is not as much as knowing your own limits as it is knowing the limits of the track. Each corner, each bend, even each straight has a limit. You have to know what that limit is if you are to reach perfection.


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