Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready

Road TripGoing on a road trip can be fun and exciting. What isn’t fun or exciting is having your car break down in the middle of nowhere. That would certainly put a damper on the adventure and the experience. Before embarking on a road trip with friends or family, make sure to get your vehicle road trip ready with these simple pre-departure checks.

1. Fill ‘er up
Make sure that all the car’s fluids are sufficiently topped off. Of course, having a full tank of fuel is a no brainer, but petrol isn’t the only fluid that needs to be checked. Coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and window washing fluid are some of the other liquids that need to be seen to. It’s also essential to have an oil change before going on a long drive.

2. Tired Tyres?
Though changing a tyre is usually no big deal, having to replace a flat one in the middle of the road can be a real nuisance; especially if you’re enjoying a short break. At least a day before the drive, check your tyre pressure. Figuring out the right PSI would depend on the type of vehicle and the load that will be carried.

It’s also important to have the right treads for the season. For example, if you’ll be driving through the snow, getting snow tires is recommended.

3. With Your Own Two Eyes
Another thing you need to do before driving off into the sunset is looking over the vehicle with your own eyes. Check to see if there are any components that need to be replaced or parts that need to be repaired. Take a walk around the vehicle and peek inside to inspect the working order of your car. Are the wipers working? Are all head and rear lights in good condition? Also, be sure to inspect heat and air conditioning, as these will come in handy on long trips.

4. Ask a Professional
Aside from checking the vehicle yourself, it’s also recommended to get it looked over by a professional. Worrying about car repairs while on holiday is a sure way to lose momentum. Take your car to a dealer and ask them for a courtesy check. This will alert you to any issues such as problems with the belt, battery, radiator, water pump, engine, transmission, etc.

These checks may seem bothersome, in the days leading up to a fun road trip, but they will save you time and money when you’re on the road. Not only will you be ensuring the safety of your road trip buddies, you’re also giving yourself peace of mind while on the road.

Though you may have been vigilant in checking your car for problems, there are some vehicles that just aren’t built for long distances. If you’re thinking of upgrading to a more road trip friendly vehicle, you should consider asking yourself, is it time to sell my car? Selling your old car can give you enough money to buy a sturdier, more road-worthy vehicle. Try and other similar companies for help in this regard.

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