Car Safety Myths Revealed

images (11)Thinking of car safety, it’s crucial to know all the important points, especially when you’re considering buying a new or used car. We look at some of the age old concerns about automobile safety and offer the specified solutions once and for all!

No.1 – Older automobiles are larger and bulkier, so they must be more secure.

A traditional belief – FALSE! Actually accident research display older automobiles are NOT as secure on regular as more recent automobiles, as they have less precautionary functions and a less innovative style. They often think about less than their contemporary alternatives too, as safety devices and more powerful components, as well as factors like bulkier transmissions, all add to the weight of new, more contemporary automobiles.

No.2 – The more secure an automobile is – the more costly it is.

We would have to say this one is FALSE – Actually many reasonably priced automobile designs ranks very well in the safety ratings; sometimes even better than many of the more costly designs. Be sure to examine out the SGIO “Car inspector app” for the newest safety scores before you buy any new automobile. Available on the app store or Play store.

No.3 – Air bags can stimulate unintentionally and cause accidents or damage.

FALSE – well, in Australia anyway! There have been occurrences in the USA, but because Australia has very great car seat belt conformity rates, airbags in Australian vehicles are set to induce at greater street speeds than in US automobiles, as such they are significantly less likely to deploy without purpose. There have been NO revealed situations in Australia of any significant accidents or accidents due to bolstering airbags.

No.4 – Dogs are more secure in a pet harness when traveling in the car.

Yes, no question this is TRUE – as long as you have the appropriate harness fixed. In an accident, an unrestrained dog can experience serious accidents, as well as harm other travelers. A study performed by one of Australia’s major insurance policy providers examined a wide range of dog protection harness using life-sized and properly calculated dog ‘dummies’.

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