Are We Becoming More Comfortable at the Expense of the Planet?

sell-carEver since they were introduced over a hundred years ago, the human race has had an ongoing and enduring love affair with the car. That’s pretty easy to understand. The car age really revolutionised the way we live, where we live and where we work. Making transportation cheaper and more convenient, it has provided people all over the world with endless options and possibilities. As a result, many economies have grown exponentially, thanks to the new mobility that their workers could avail themselves of. Car manufacturing, selling and servicing is big business in every industrialised country. While all of this sounds fantastic, up to this point there really has only been one real loser in the whole equation: our planet.


Convenience Versus Pollution

Given the opportunity, who would not want to own a car? Car prices have dropped overall for decades, or at least have maintained the same price, adjusted for inflation, while providing more comfort, security and convenience. Modern electronics allow the engine to basically check itself every second, or even less, making adjustments to make the car run more reliably and efficiently. Other electronic novelties such as GPS keep people from getting lost and have made those old maps that our grandparents used to rely on practically obsolete. As a result, we are all happily motoring away, going to work, going to school, going to a sporting event or even taking an extended vacation. But until recently, car engines were fairly dirty affairs: They created a lot of pollution in the form of CO2, carbon dioxide. Many experts feel that the sheer number of cars on the road around the world, estimated to be at one billion today and expected to double in the next 50 years, have been major contributors. Obviously, something has to change.


Technology to the Rescue

It could very well be that in the next few decades, the old petrol or diesel engine will be a thing of the past. New technologies are already in place and being used, such as hybrid engines which use a petrol or diesel engine coupled with an electric battery. Especially for city driving, the electric battery can provide all the power necessary, and when it ultimately has no more electricity left, the regular engine kicks into gear. The good news is that engineers are continually refining this process so that the petrol engine can actually recharge the battery. Even all-electric motor cars are beginning to be introduced. Although they don’t emit any pollution at all, they still can use a lot of polluting energy when they get recharged at home at night. Electricity has to come from somewhere, and it often comes from dirty coal plants. For countries that are using renewable energy sources or even nuclear power, the pollution aspect of the electric car is moot.


Upgrading Your Ride

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