The Rise Of Kia and Why You Should Lease One

I am sure that most of us first came across Kia motors on Top Gear. Where celebrities would have a go at being a racing car driver for the day in a (wait for it)… Kia Cee’d.

Now I don’t think this is the sole reason as to why Kia seem to be growing more popular every day. I mean let’s face it, there is absolutely nothing cool about Richard Hammond and his casual racism. I suppose the other two on Top Gear are not exactly cutting edge either.

I also think that Kia’s popularity goes beyond their anarchic use of the apostrophe, or the fact that they are from the friendlier part of Korea. Let’s take that grammar defying Kia car into consideration for a moment. Not only is the Cee’d economically sound, doing over 75 miles to the gallon, it is a spacious family hatchback and it is also rather handsome to look at, personally I’d get it in black. Everything looks cool in black.

In terms of leasing a Kia (probably the best avenue to go down) you are looking at paying under £220 per month. A very reasonable price to pay for your own piece of cool.

If family hatchbacks are not for you then Kia provide a vast range of cars to suit pretty much every need, and they are all available for private car leasing. Whether it be from a nice big 4×4, the Kia Sportage, right down to the hugely economical and cost effective Kia Picanto.

Kia cars are all available to be personally leased, so if it were me I’d go and lease one right now so you can have one before they really are at the height of popularity and coolness.

Apparently the new Kia’s park themselves too… Self-parking cars are super hot this season…

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