Easy Fundraising Ideas for Volunteer Fire Departments

Homemade DinnersCommunity fire departments fulfill an important purpose in their communities, but it’s easy to forget how these operations must be run similarly to profitable businesses, even if they are staffed by volunteers. For example, vehicles are common expenses for fire departments of all sizes, and they can be very costly. Although it’s possible to save money by purchasing used vehicles that have been carefully refurbished, it’s not practical to try to run a successful volunteer fire department without periodically hosting some events to raise money.

Get into a business-oriented mindset by considering the ideas below and thinking about how they could help you generate funds.

Homemade Dinners
If there are a few members of the fire department who are accomplished chefs, why not ask them to create a delicious menu, and then invite community members to the feast in return for a modest admission fee? Conveniently, many fire houses have large open spaces, especially because they need to accommodate trucks and ladders. Just temporarily clear out the area and fill it with rented tables and chairs.

Family Photo Opportunities
People of all ages tend to be fascinated by what firefighters do. Tap into that curiosity by permitting families or individuals to pose with some of the vehicles in your fleet and then taking photographs that are later sold for a few dollars per snapshot. The income can add up quickly, and this possibility works especially well if you’re trying to raise money to purchase fire trucks for sale sold at retailers likeĀ http://www.firetrucksunlimited.com/.

Then, a person can remember how they supported a good cause, while viewing the photos. They also make great gift ideas, particularly if you’re trying to inspire young people to feel motivated about participating as volunteer firefighters later in life.
Community Aid Classes

If some individuals in your fire department are certified to teach lifesaving skills such as CPR and first aid, plan to host classes that educate local residents about what to do in case of emergencies. It’s also worthwhile to coach people about how to check their smoke alarms and put out small household blazes with fire extinguishers. Over time, the knowledge could spread, meaning members of your fire crew don’t have to attend such a large number of emergencies.

Taking this approach could also allow you to highlight the important role volunteer fire departments serve. According to statistics from the National Fire Protection Association, the vast majority of all fire departments in 2012 were entirely staffed by volunteers. Once more people realize that significance, they may be more likely to donate money to your cause, even if you’re not hosting special events to encourage giving.

Hopefully, the three ideas discussed above will help you feel more able to purchase additional vehicles and other necessary equipment without feeling uncertain about how to raise money. Although many people don’t think of volunteer fire departments as businesses in the traditional sense, they still must have money coming in from somewhere. Fortunately, these ideas are effective and don’t take very much time to implement. Give them a try today.

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