A Little Bit On Traffic Violator California School Program

Traffic violations are a common occurrence on-road, especially among the amateur drivers. Now, in case you are unfortunate one to violate the traffic, you would be handed with a ticket leading to conviction and marks on driving record. But, the god news is that the state do understands that drivers cannot be perfect every time & hence there is the traffic violator California school program that will help you get rid of the conviction.

Eligibility criteria for admission into traffic-violator school

  • If you are accused of some minor traffic violation or have received one point.
  • If you haven’t taken up a traffic-violator school course within last 18 months.

In case you satisfy the eligibility conditions, DMV would send notifications to you along with a roster of licensed traffic courses that can be taken to mask the ticket.

However, not every driver receiving traffic tickets can take traffic-violator school course to mask the ticket. You won’t be eligible if-

  • In case you are a licensed commercial driver & you were handed the ticket whilst driving commercial vehicle.
  • In case you’re convicted of DUI cases.
  • In case you’ve received speeding ticket for driving over 25MPH beyond the limit.
  • In case the point value of ticket is over 1 or/and your conviction demands court appearance.

The traffic violator course
The traffic violator course in California lasts for 8 hours. You are allowed to go for the conventional classroom based schools while there are the edgy online traffic schools as well. The course finalizes with an MCQ pattern exam with 25 questions. You have to earn minimum 70 percent of marks to pass in the examination. It’s good to take to the online schools rather than the land-based ones as here you have the great facility of taking the course from anywhere and anytime. There’s no need to tamper with your usual schedule to fit into the classroom hours. Moreover, the online schools enable you to progress at your own rhythm. As you pass, the school itself would email your certificate to DMV.

Licensed schools
Make sure to settle with state DMV approved licensed traffic-violator schools only as otherwise your certificate won’t carry any significance. If you are taking to an online school, check out beforehand that the courses are engaging enough and are compiled by professional CHP officers

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